Thursday, December 13, 2007

Although the 2007 Taipei IT Month closed last Sunday (December 9), it attracted more than 750,000 people to visit the show, but it exposed some problems especially on the traffic factor.

Generally on weekdays (December 3-7), the traffic jam at Shi-fu Road often took place in the afternoon as many schools visited the show and several sightseeing buses sometimes parked there for patronages on students. In comparison with Sung-shou Road, Shi-fu Road was sometimes obstructed but not as serious than on weekends because the official shuttle buses played a key role on transportation.

On the opposite way of two weekends (December 1, 2, 8, and 9), it exposed traffic problems as many people visited the show, even though the Traffic Division of Taipei City Police Department set medians around the Taipei World Trade Center and the Taipei 101, and it apparently decreased violations on illegal crossing, Shi-fu Road and Sung-shou Road were still trapped in traffic jams than on weekdays.

Before the launch of the TWTC Nangang in March 2008, governments and show organizers will focus on the traffic issue at the Taipei World Trade Center during the construction of the MRT Taipei World Trade Center Station.