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An E NT Clinic In Atlantic City, Nj Can Assess Your Hearing Loss


A hearing loss evaluation is made based on a patient’s medical history and assessments of audiological or health exams. Therefore, you should make an appointment with an otolaryngologist (or ear, nose, and throat doctor) to check to see if you suffer from a hearing loss.

Signs You May Have a Hearing Loss

By visiting an ENT clinic in Atlantic City, NJ, you can further determine if you have a hearing loss. You may already suspect that you have a loss of hearing if you consistently have to ask people to repeat things to you or have trouble deciphering what is being said in group settings. A hearing loss may also be the cause if you think that other people are mumbling or you cannot hear the person talking behind you.

Do You Struggle with Hearing?

If you routinely have to increase the volume on your car radio or TV, you may also be suffering from a loss of hearing. In addition, you should schedule an appointment with an ENT doctor if you have trouble hearing people over the phone or cannot enjoy movies because they sound distorted. If you regularly refrain from dining in noisy restaurants, then your hearing should be checked at an ENT clinic as well.

Taking Advantage of Today’s Technological Advancements

In order to schedule an appointment, contact an ENT professional such as Louis J. Rondinella, MD PA. By making this move, you can determine the extent of your hearing loss so that you can be fitted with a hearing aid. Because of the advancements in technology, wearing a hearing aid today can be empowering. What you once thought was undecipherable noise will become clearly spoken words.

So, if you have had some problems with hearing, schedule an appointment at an ENT clinic without delay. If your hearing impairment is affecting your work life or day-to-day activities, it is imperative that you seek relief right away. Click here for more details about an ENT clinic in Atlantic City, NJ.