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Circular Wash Fountains

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By Patricia Holland

Circular wash fountains are constructed for heavy duty hand washing. Different styles allow you to choose what works best for your needs. You will find numerous sizes so youre able to accommodate the amount of people or the space you have for the fountain. With our collection of circular wash fountains youre sure to find the one you need for your laboratory, kitchen, or other space that requires a lot of hand washing.

Multi-Station Wash Fountains

The Circular Multi-Station Wash Fountains come in various sizes and styles. One design is offered with two choices: all stainless steel or terrazzo with a stainless steel bowl. This wash fountain can have between five and eight users at a time by choosing either the 36 inch or 54 inch diameter bowl. You will also have the choice of two different bowl heights to further guarantee that this circular wash fountain will fit in the area its needed.

Terrazzo or Stainless Steel Wash Fountains

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Our second Circular Multi-Station Wash Fountain choice is available in terrazzo or stainless steel. This circular wash station comes pre-assembled so installation is easy. The 36 inch or 54 inch bowl diameter will accommodate five to eight people. To further customize your order, you can choose from a selection of other options to order with your circular multi-station wash fountain. Foot control, infrared, touch time control, air valve metering, soap dispensers, and a variety of terrazzo color choices can be included in your order.

ADA Compliant Hand Wash Stations

The Circular Shallow Bowl Wash Fountain is a stainless steel circular wash station for durability. Five to eight people can use this wash station at a time with the different bowl diameter sizes 36 inch and 54 inch. If youre looking for a circular wash fountain that is ADA compliant, this shallow bowl wash fountain in its standard height with hand or infrared control follows the ADA regulations. This wash fountain is vandal resistant so even in areas that sees high-traffic or is prone to vandalism; you will find that this wash fountain is easy to clean. You will also find that this circular wash fountain conserves water, energy, and space. We ship this circular wash fountain pre-assembled for your convenience.

Energy Efficient Hand Wash Fountains

Our 36 inch Circular Wash Fountain is made with Terreon and has a 7 inch deep bowl. There are 14 different colors for you to choose from so youre sure to find the one that matches your laboratory. This circular wash fountain comes pre-assembled so installation is quick and easy. Not only is the Terreon Circular Wash Fountain ADA compliant, but it is constructed to use less water, energy, and space compared to conventional faucets.

Industrial and Laboratory Hand Wash Fountains

Circular wash fountains are convenient to have in areas that have multiple people needing to wash their hands at the same time. Instead of having individual sinks that take up space needed for other equipment, our circular wash fountains are designed to take up less room while being able to accommodate the amount of people you need it to. The different diameter in bowls allow you to have room for the amount of people that are to use the circular wash fountain while the two height choices give you even more flexibility to find the best fit for the room the wash fountain will be located in.

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