Effects Of Smoking To Our Health

Submitted by: Joseph Pressley

Smoking is dangerous to the health. This is commonly seen in advertisements, in billboards and even in cigarette packs. But how come there are still many people most especially men who love to smoke? Are the advertisements not enough for them to believe that smoking is really very dangerous to the health and t can affect others as well?

It is hard to just run away from a habit. Smoking is a form of habit that is then turned into a vice. If a certain individual began to smoke when he was still young, the chances of carrying the habit when he gets old are so high. Once an individual begins smoking, he will then become addicted to nicotine and become more hooked to smoking. It is because of curiosity’s sake why the young individuals began to smoke at a very young age. Without proper guidance and discipline, definitely smoking will be a part of his life.

Smoking is a hard habit to break. This is a fact. Quitting smoking abruptly can cause severe damage. It is told that when you want to quit smoking, you should do it slowly like perhaps two to three sticks in a day until such time that you will reach 0 cigarette stick in a day. Most people especially the young ones smoke because when they smoke, people think they are cool and that they are in to the fad. Some smoke because of the reason that their parents or perhaps friends smoke as well.


The effect of smoking to the body is really great in the sense that it will really make a smoker to suffer the effects of nicotine addiction. The main organ being destroyed by the chemical known as nicotine is the lungs. As we all know, our lungs is the main organ responsible for our respiration and when this is gradually destroyed, we may no longer be able to breathe properly. Furthermore, other chemicals found in a single stick of cigarette can become destructive and bring a tremendous impact to the body organs of a certain individual.

The effects of smoking may not be clear in the earlier years. But when you undergo physical exam, you will get really shocked with how your lungs has been gradually destroyed by the chemicals found in cigarettes. Other causes of smoking includes having stained teeth, fast and accelerated aging, having health complications and fast death. It is believed that smoking can shorten by 10 years or even more. So which is which, to continue smoking or to enjoy another 10 years of life here on earth?

As of now, there are already electronic cigarettes being manufactured. These electronic cigarettes are alternative to the usual tobacco cigarette. They look almost like stun pens and they are battery operated as well. It is known that electronic cigarettes are the smartest choice made by a smoker in the sense that it saves him money and the chemicals are less as compared to the traditional tobacco cigarette. But still, it has nicotine which is very harmful to the body.

When one becomes addicted to smoking, it is hard for him to be controlled even the stun gun effects might not work well for him because smoking makes an individual become high or become out of himself. If you do not want others to become worried of your health, better yet quit smoking and focus on another habit such as exercising and living a healthy lifestyle.

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