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Free Power Magnetic Generator For Our Home

Submitted by: Jordi Ribal

In these times of crisis, the somehow old idea of getting free electricity to supply our home with the power that all our lights and devices need, is growing in the minds of many people. Not only that, but the concern of an always more polluted environment incites the imagination of many to find a clean solution to the energy issue.

Indeed, for most of us, the idea of having a way to be self-sufficient regarding the energy we need to power our home is really attractive. On the other hand, the rapid worsening of the environment quality, the chance of obtaining free and renewable energy from a clean resource is no longer a financial matter alone but also a must to help our world and all living things on it.

It is not very difficult to realize that the way we are treating our world, it s not going to last much time We are not only exhausting the energy resources lying under the earth s crust but forming some by-products with them that deteriorate the environment and even destroy many living species or place them into danger of extinction. So it is obvious that the way we are going is not the right way.

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Unfortunately, as financial interests are too often placed first above the common benefit of mankind and natural environment, the shift to a sustainable, renewable, clean energy resource to supply electricity our homes and cities should be gradual. This way, powerful companies that base their business in fossil fuels, for example, can adapt themselves in stages to the new clean alternative energy sources.

However, as more and more people are gradually becoming aware of the environmental problem, new alternative, green and inexhaustible energy systems are being created everyday.

Solar and wind power are probably the two most well-known solutions so as to get free energy, and it is encouraging to see how solar energy and wind energy systems multiply day after day.

Moreover, there is another very interesting solution that takes advantage of the magnetic strength of nature and, although being not so popular than solar or wind systems, it is gaining more and more followers each and every day: it is about the magnetic power generators.

Magnetic power generator systems consist on a machine or device that, turning unendingly, acts as the turbine that generates electricity. Luckily, the engine is not very difficult to build and anyone with the right plans and a little skill can make their own magnet system to power their homes. The price of the different elements constituting the system is not too high either and they can be gotten easily in every hardware store, which is another advantage. For this reason, a magnetic power generator system is one of the best solutions that we should bear in mind when we are decided to take to alternative energy resources to power our homes.

To summarize, there are different options to get free electricity for our homes: wind, solar and magnetic power. Wind and solar power are dependant on weather conditions, whereas magnetic power is not. It is therefore that I think magnet power is the best option – although the other two are good options as well.

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