Get The Best Hair Transplantation In Kolkata

Get the Best Hair Transplantation in Kolkata



The recent developments in the field of medicines and latest treatment methods have immensely upraised the platform of medical sciences. Plastic surgery first began in India. Cosmetic surgery is another part of plastic surgery which is performed by adroit surgeons. A number of beauty treatments are performed such as liposuction, rhinoplasty, benign breast tumors and fibroadenoma, abdominoplasty, cleft lip and cleft palate; reconstruction of the skin and soft tissue; hair transplantation; burns and burn contracture; hair transplantation, gynaecomastia, oral, facial, and skin tumours and cancers, are some of the famous treatments that are performed by them.

The improvement in the different techniques of treatment and infrastructure led to the gradual increase in the various aspects of medical science. In the earlier times there were people from India who would travel to UK and US for various plastic surgery treatments. But this is not the case these days, there are many hospitals that have come up these days with the best of measures and techniques and are offering them in a cost-effective way.


Rhinoplasty is a very popular method that is opted by most of the people these days. Rhinoplasty surgery basically involves the reshaping or restructuring of the nose, to give the face an elegant and versatile look.

Rhinoplasty in India

, are performed by world class skilled professional surgeons who are specialized in the grounds of cosmetic surgery.

Hair Transplantation

Baldness and hair loss are some of the grave problems that every person fears about. People try various cosmetic and medicated products from the market only with the belief that they would soon get over with all kinds of skin and hair issues. But on the other hand, every such product has side effects too. So, one must always be careful in choosing the right kind of products that is suitable for their skin type and can prove to cure them. Hair transplantation in Kolkata can be an apt solution for any kind of hair fall related issues. People who are dealing with any kind of hair related issues can easily opt for this treatment. A proper care is highly vital to abet all kinds of skin related issues. Your dermatologist or your medical specialist will be able to let you know what would be the best solution in your case.

Hair grafting can also be one of the best methods that can be undergone. Hair fall usually occurs when the follicle of the hair becomes inactive and which results in preventing the hair growth. It will help to give you a productive outcome. Hair grafting can be performed in two ways, firstly, single grafting; and secondly, micro grafting. Single grafting is performed by transplanting each follicle of hair at one time, and helps to form up a new hairline. Micro grafting is here the doctor needs to remove a few hair follicles, and then transplant the hair in a group. Thus, this helps in giving the area a fuller appearance.

Proper care and precautions should be undertaken in order to prevent all the areas from infection and other skin related problems. It is good to use a medicated shampoo and follow the advice of your doctor after the surgery.

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Hair Transplantation in Kolkata

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