How To Select Halloween Layouts For Your Profile 1

By CD Mohatta

This is time when everybody who is active on social networks is busy putting Halloween layout on their profile. Each one of us wants the profile to look real scary and attention grabbing. Human nature demands praise and accolades and when our friends praise us about our profile, we feel good..

Layout is the major step that determines the look of the profile. There are thousands of websites offering layouts. How to choose the best layout for Halloween? Here are some quick tips on that.

Design of the layout should reflect the spirit of the festival. Halloween is a festival of innocent joy and fun. Halloween has the spirit of enjoyment that is incomparable. The layout should reflect that joy.


In the quest of making a good profile, the users overload the profile with video, music, colors, surveys, polls, comments, graphics and everything they can get to make the profile unique. The result is that the profile practically becomes unreadable and cannot be understood by most new comers. Choose a layout that looks clean. Let it be understood by your friends.

I have tried to open many profiles and found that it took ages. The weight of the files is simply overwhelming. Do you want a layout that makes it impossible to open your profile? Before you select a layout make sure that it is lightweight. The lighter it is, the better it is. Try any popular website and you will find that the site opens very quickly and pages get downloaded very fast. With a single click people navigate away if the page takes time to download. Do you want something like that page? I believe that you certainly do not want such profile. In the next part we shall discuss more about how to get the best layout for Halloween.

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