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Talking With An Attorney In Wichita Ks About Important Legal Documents

byAlma Abell

Even people who do not have much in the way of worldly possessions do need to think about securing certain legal documents that will protect them and their loved ones. An Attorney in Wichita KS can help the client identify basic documents that should be drafted and kept on file at all times. Here are a few examples.

Last Will and Testament

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The most basic of all family legal documents is the last will and testament. Many people assume that since they do not have investment portfolios or own much in the way of property, they can do without this document. The fact is that something still needs to be done with things like furniture, clothing, and other personal items. Rather than creating a situation in which loved ones debate on who gets what, draft a simple will that covers everything. Doing so will ensure a greater measure of harmony in the household.

Medical Power of Attorney

Even for people who have legal spouses, it is still important to draft a medical power of attorney. This important document can be used to authorize or deny treatments when the individual is unable to provide consent or discuss the pros and cons with a physician. Having a medical power of attorney can make a big difference if both spouses are injured in an accident and unable to provide consent for various treatments.

General Power of Attorney

Empowering someone to handle financial matters if the individual is not able to do so is also important. It is possible to place specific limits on the powers that the designated party can exercise. This is especially important if the individual is incapacitated for several months due to illness. While the authorized party can make decisions about the maintenance of assets, he or she may not have the power to buy or sell assets during that short term.

Talking with an Attorney in Wichita KS will make it much easier to see the wisdom of preparing basic legal documents that protect the interests and wishes of the client. For those who are ready to begin the process, contact The Law Offices of Kevin M Smith PA today. In a short amount of time, the documents will be completed and the client can rest assured that he or she is prepared for whatever may happen in the future.