The Best Credit Card Promotions Available In The Market

By David Riewe

In determining which credit card to choose, it’s best to know the purpose of getting the card. Credit card companies may offer cards to their clients that have flexible terms with varying annual percentage rates or APRs. In choosing a credit card, an individual will need to study carefully and understand the purpose for getting the credit card.

Different credit cards have different features, APRs, annual membership fees and promotions that they provide their users.


Some credit cards may offer low APRs with no annual membership on the first few years of use although these may change to higher APRs and varying membership costs after the expiration of their waived membership fees and low APRs. In this example, the use of this particular credit card may only be applicable for short term use as there may be other credit cards available that offers fixed lower than current industry’s standard APRs. There are also credit cards offered in the market that waives the annual membership fees on a longer term basis as long as the credit card user is able to meet specific purchase and payment targets.

There are credit card companies on the other hand that offers reward points that provides flexibility in choosing how the rewards will be redeemed. Rewards points accumulated from purchases can be redeemed in the form of gifts, appliances, furniture, or even travel miles. For a frequent traveler who’s also a frequent credit card user, he can maximize the rewards system provided by credit card companies that offers travel perks with their frequent flyer programs.

There are merchants in the business of retail that are also offering credit cards to help promote the sales of their products. A retail company selling products on the internet may offer credit cards under major credit card companies. While the credit card is technically a standard credit card that can be used in purchases from various establishments, the retail company that provides the credit card rewards the consumer with reward points depending on the amount of purchases made. The reward points accumulated then is converted to gifts, products or redeemable check amounts that can be redeemed for products from their stores on the internet.

In choosing which credit card a person will choose, it’s always best to understand the purchase habits the person has. A person who’s a frequent traveler can maximize his credit card use by subscribing to credit cards that offers air mile rewards. A frequent shopper on the other hand may benefit from his credit card by getting a card that his favorite merchant is offering and later on redeem the points accumulated from the merchant’s stores.

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