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Ten April Fool’s pranks of 2009

Ten April Fool’s pranks of 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

April Fools’ Day pranks harmlessly pervaded worldwide again this year. Media outlets and internet sites have joined family, office workers, and friends to provide a wide variety of practical jokes. Ireland, France, and the United States celebrate April Fools all day, whereas a few countries celebrate jokes only until noon such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa.

Car and Driver claimed that GM and Chrysler were ordered out of NASCAR by the White House by the end of 2009 in order to receive any more government loans. There are press releases about this short-lived prank which received controversial feedback.

The Swiss Tourism Board has announced that volunteers were desperately needed, The Association of Mountain Cleaners “makes sure that our holiday guests can always enjoy perfect mountains. Using brooms, brushes, water and muscle power, they clean the rocks of any bird droppings.”

This year Gmail produced a new autopilot feature for April 1, 2009 which can read your email and automatically respond to every message.

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BMW released its new Magnetic Tow Technology which allows your BMW to magnetically attach to the vehicle ahead of you. This enhanced technology allows the driver to remove their foot from the gas pedal and turn off the motor.

The Guardian proposed its move to Twitter, which would allow the newspaper to fit its article content into 140 character messages or “tweets”. Included in this venture was the archiving of past events reported by The Guardian, such as, “1927 OMG first successful transatlantic air flight wow, pretty cool! Boring day otherwise *sigh*”

Google’s technological break through for April Fool’s Day was CADIE, (Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity). By extracting internet search patterns combined with Brain Search, a part of CADIE technology, Google can now search your thoughts and memories.

Wikipedia even fooled Fox News who claimed that “every item on the home page of the user-generated site Wikipedia is fake. The featured Wikipedia article regaled the “Museum of Bad Art” in Boston.” However, each item on the main page was based on reality — even news articles such as NASA reports a shower of diamonds over the Republic of Sudan, which was based on a meteorite which passed over Sudan whose fragments did reveal diamonds upon discovery.

The Conficker Internet worm had been in the news warning of a worst case scenario when computers worldwide would be affected by the virus. Even the chief security adviser for Microsoft, Ed Gibson, didn’t want to make any predictions about what would happen. Experts just knew that it was set to go off on April 1. Several anomalous happenings were attributed to Conficker including Leroy “Mac” MacElrie who claimed to be the programmer of the Conficker worm and turned himself in to police.

Hotels.com ran an advertisement offering hotel room bookings on the moon which would be offered on European websites starting at £800 a night.

Qualcomm ingeniously revealed a new wireless networking technology called wireless convergence. Making use of the flight patterns of pigeons. They then use innovative solutions to converge the birds with wolves to protect the internal improvements.

Media outlets were not the only ones pulling pranks. Gaming websites across the internet Blizzard, Joystiq, and affiliates posted reviews and announcements of games with tongue in cheek. YouTube offered viewers a unique April Fool’s experience as videos were offered upside down. In Ireland, U2 fans received a U2opia concert on a shopping centre roof top concert rather than the real thing.

Doha round of trade talks suspended after negotiations fail

Doha round of trade talks suspended after negotiations fail

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The director-general of the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Pascal Lamy, suspended negotiations in the Doha round of trade talks on Monday, after a meeting of six “core” negotiators India, Brazil, the United States, European Union, Japan, and Australia in Geneva failed to make any headway in reconciling differences over agricultural trade liberalisation. The US wanted cuts in import tariffs for farm products, which were rejected by EU, Japan and India, who asked for cuts in agricultural subsidies.

Peter Mandelson, the EU trade commissioner, told the Financial Times: “If the US continues to demand dollar-for-dollar compensation in market access [cutting tariffs] for reducing domestic support, no one in the developing world will ever buy that and the EU will not either.” Brazil also identified the US stand on subsidies as the reason the talks failed.

Susan Schwab, the US trade representative, said that the other countries sought exemptions from tariff cuts for a wide range of goods and that such exemptions would defeat the object of the talks – to expand trade. “As we went through the layers of loopholes . . . we discovered that a couple of our trading partners were more interested in loopholes than market access,” she said.

The Indian Commerce and Industries Minister, Kamal Nath said that developing countries could not allow their subsistence farmers to lose their livelihood and food security to provide market access to agricultural products from developed countries.


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US toy retail giant Toys ‘R’ Us files for liquidation in United States

US toy retail giant Toys ‘R’ Us files for liquidation in United States

Thursday, March 15, 2018

This morning, United States-based toy retail giant Toys “R” Us filed for liquidation with United States bankruptcy court. The company had about 735 stores in the country which may be closed as a result of the liquidation.

The motion came after the US holidays, after which the company said its revenue fell short of expectations. Toys “R” Us was seeking cooperation with its Canadian business to leave 200 stores open, the court papers said. The company said it would be unable to realize an earlier goal to leave as many as 400 stores open.

The papers filed in the court indicated that the United States holiday sales produced revenue US$250 million short of the expectations. In the report to the court, Toys “R” Us blamed in part its weakened e-commerce business. It wrote, “The stark reality is that the debtors are projected to run out of cash in the U.S. in May 2018.”

Toys “R” Us chief executive officer Dave Brandon said, “This is a profoundly sad day for us as well as the millions of kids and families who we have served for the past 70 years.”

Toys “R” Us said it was preparing to sell its businesses in Asia and Central Europe, including Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

In September 2017, Toys “R” Us filed for bankruptcy in the US and Canada, and a judge allowed a US$2 billion loan.

Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, Bain Capital Partners, and Vornado Realty Trust purchased Toys “R” Us for US$6.6 billion in 2005. According to CNBC, the company had US$4.9 billion in debt at that time, which made it difficult for the company to adapt to the changing market.

How To Care For Your Dentures In Wichita Ks

byAlma Abell

Dentures are replicate the look and functions of natural teeth. These dental apparatuses consists of the replacement teeth and the base they are attached to. Although the materials dentures are made from are durable, care should be taken to preserve the useful life of these dental prostheses. Use the following guidelines to care for your dentures.

When you are not wearing your dentures in Wichita KS, soak them in an appropriate solution. This should be done after rinsing them or brushing them with a denture brush. The container you soak them in should be leak-proof. Keep this container in an area you will remember to find it at.

It’s a good idea to brush your dentures at least. You can do this in the evening before you go to bed. Establish a routine easy to follow. Keep your denture supplies near a sink so you can remember to follow your routine. When you take up in the morning, take your dentures out of their container. Rinse them off under warm water. When you hold dentures, firmly grasp them but don’t hold them too tightly. After rinsing off your dentures, gently put them back in your mouth for the day. You should rinse your dentures off after eating during the day. When your denture aren’t in your mouth, it’s a good idea to have them in their case soaking in a special solution.

When you brush your dentures, hold them over a sink. Place a towel over the drain in the sink and fill the sink with water halfway. This will keep your dentures from getting damaged if you accidentally drop them. Use a special denture brush to remove micro-organisms and food particles. Ensure that you get in all the cracks and crevices. After brushing them, rinse them off and put them in their container for the night.

Since dentures are a huge investment, using these suggestions can help you keep them in good shape. Getting rid of stains and harmful agents will let you use your teeth for a long time to come. Dentures help a person eat, talk, and drink more efficiently.

Australian Paralympians cycling around Fiji for people with disabilities

Australian Paralympians cycling around Fiji for people with disabilities

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Two Australian Paralympic wheelchair basketball players, Shelley Chaplin and Leanne Del Toso, are cycling around Fiji to raise money for people in Fiji with disabilities. They hope to cover the route, which is roughly 500 kilometers (300 miles) long, in just ten days. They started on June 7, 2013 and plan to finish by June 16.

Along the way, they intend to do outreach, and mentor people with disabilities. They hope to raise A$13,000. So far, they have raised over A$12,400. They are using crowdfunding to finance their sporting event.

Del Toso suffered muscle deterioration in her legs and hands due to a degenerative neurological condition when she was 19, and rides her bike with the aid of orthotics. Chaplin was born a paraplegic, and is using a handcycle.

They won silver medals at the 2012 Summer Paralympics in London with the Australia women’s national wheelchair basketball team, commonly known as the Gliders.

Both also played for Victoria in Round One of the Australia Women’s Wheelchair Basketball League (WNWBL) competition last weekend. Victoria won all four of its games. They expect to be back in action again in Round Two in Perth on June 21–23.

World’s first double arm transplant undertaken in Munich

World’s first double arm transplant undertaken in Munich

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A 54-year-old German farmer who lost both arms in a farming accident six years ago has become the first patient to receive a complete double arm transplant. The patient, whose name has not been released, underwent the operation at the Klinikum rechts der Isar, part of the Technical University of Munich (Technische Universität München), last week; he is said to be recovering well.

The operation lasted 15 hours and was performed by a team of 40 specialists in Plastic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Orthopedics and Anesthesiology, under the direction of the head of the Plastics and Hand Surgery department, Prof. Hans-Günther Machens, Dr. Christoph Höhnke (Head of Transplants, Senior Physician; Plastics and Hand Surgery) and Prof. Edgar Biemer, the former Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Clinic.

In a press statement released by the clinic, it was revealed that the patient had been thoroughly physically checked and had psychological counselling prior to the surgery to ensure he was mentally stable enough to cope with the procedure. Since completion of the surgery, the patient has been on immuno-suppressant drugs to prevent rejection of the new limbs.

Following the surgery, the press release from the clinic’s press manager, Dr. Tanja Schmidhofer, included the following statement:

The flow of blood was [re-]started in intervals of 20 minutes because the anaesthetists had to make sure that the patient would not suffer from the blood flowing back from the transplanted parts. No significant swelling was seen, nor indeed any ischemia (lack of blood flow to the tissues). This is a testament to the surgeons who established a fully functioning blood flow…the main nerves, the Musculocutaneus, Radial and Ulnar nerves were all attached and sewn together, and finally an external fixator was applied, with pins in the lower and upper arms, avoiding the risk of pressure points and sores. The operation was successfully completed after 15 hours.

Without the immuno-suppressant drugs given to the patient, the risk of there being a Graft-versus-Host Reaction or GvHR, would have been significant due to the upper arm containing a large amount of bone marrow, consisting of ICC’s or Immuno-Competent Cells, which would have triggered a near total rejection of the new limbs. A GvHR is a condition which results in the cells from the transplant attacking the immune system of the body.

Indications from the clinic suggest that the double attachment went well, although it could be up to 2 full years before the patient is able to move the arms.

The donor arms came from an unnamed teenager, who is believed to have died in a car accident.

Obama responds to criticism over medical marijuana raids

Obama responds to criticism over medical marijuana raids

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In a Rolling Stone magazine interview on Wednesday, United States President Barack Obama responded to recent backlash over his alleged policy shift on medical marijuana.

In January 2004, then-Illinois Senator Obama said, “The war on drugs has been an utter failure. We need to rethink and decriminalize our nation’s marijuana laws.” Since he took office as president, over 170 raids have been conducted on medical marijuana facilities across the U.S.

In the U.S. certain states have voted to allow for the use of marijuana for medical purposes, although it is still illegal to possess and consume under federal law. This has led to the recent raids and seizures on dispensaries by authorities with the federal government.

“What I specifically said was that we were not going to prioritize prosecutions of persons who are using medical marijuana,” President Obama said. “I never made a commitment that somehow we were going to give carte blanche to large-scale producers and operators of marijuana – and the reason is, because it’s against federal law. I can’t nullify congressional law.”

On April 2, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) raided Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California. Oaksterdam provides courses in which students can learn about the horticulture and business aspects of the medical marijuana industry, but does not distribute marijuana. Authorities confiscated marijuana plants, records, computers and seized bank accounts held by that department of the university.

“In many respects [the raids in California] are not a surprise considering that these dispensaries and cultivation centers are in violation of federal law, and always have been.” said Allen St. Pierre, executive director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). Along with the advocates at NORML, multiple lawmakers have written letters to President Obama criticizing his alleged shift on policy. The lawmakers have also called for the federal government to allow states to regulate themselves.

While medical marijuana is legal in California, as well as sixteen other states including Washington D.C., the Controlled Substances Act classifies marijuana as an illegal substance. California state law requires dispensaries to run as non-profit, and those who do make a profit are subject to getting raided by federal and local authorities. “If you grow a small amount at home or buy some off the street then he doesn’t care, that’s what they’ve said,” St. Pierre said.

Do Diamonds Cut Glasses?}

Do diamonds cut glasses?



The question whether diamond can cut glasses has for long been a controversial one though the dominant opinion is diamond can cut. Scientifically speaking, diamond is more than 160 times harder than glass and diamonds are the hardest substance known to man and as such, diamonds can cut many relatively softer materials including glass.

Diamonds enjoy a ranking a maximum 10 on the Mohs scale (the scale generally used for measuring hardness of materials). Since this makes diamonds harder than glass as glass ranks only six or seven on the Mohs scale, it is possible for diamonds to cut glass. If a diamond is applied to glass and dragged down on the surface firmly with adequate pressure, it will normally scratch or leave a cut in the glass.

If you are imagining, like you see in cartoons that you can use a diamond to cut a piece of glass – then the answer is a resounding No. This is not possible and you can use a diamond only to scratch the surface of a piece of glass to facilitate a neat break. This type of scratch will weaken the surface of the glass at that place so that it will break clean along the line of your scratch.

YouTube Preview Image

To state facts unambiguously, diamonds will only leave a pronounced mark of scratching or cutting on any glass, but a diamond will not break glass into pieces. However, after using a diamond to scratch the surface of a piece of glass, it may be possible to then exert extra pressure on the glass to make it break along the line that the diamond cut.

It may therefore be asserted, without fear of contradiction, that it is possible for a diamond to help cut glass, but not to break it into fragments. But this method of trying to break glass with a diamond piece is not a proper method to determine the authenticity of diamonds. Any such experiment may only result in damaging the diamond since diamonds are vulnerable to chipping despite their known hardness.

The other reason why this is a bad test is diamonds have cleavage that means they have certain areas of weakness in their structure. Therefore, if you try to use a gem diamond to cut glass, you might as well chip the stone along the cleavage area and possibly damage the stone in the process.

Of course, there are diamond saw blades available in the market that are metal impregnated with industrial diamond dust around their perimeter that will actually cut glass. The only effective means of cutting glass with a fancy edge is to use a power tool designed for that purpose.

A diamond saw blade has diamonds fixed on the blade’s base for using the diamonds to cut tough and/or abrasive materials. There are many types of diamond blades used in different industries.

Construction industry uses diamond saw blades to cut stone, concrete, asphalt, bricks, glass and ceramics. The IT industry uses diamond saw blades to cut semiconductor materials and the gem industry uses the diamond saw blade to cut all types of gem stones including diamonds.

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A leak at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility on Cumbrian coast, England

A leak at the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing facility on Cumbrian coast, England
By BbGFjuyG | Posted in Uncategorized

Monday, May 9, 2005

At the Sellafield reprocessing plant, a leak in the process was spotted on April 19. The leak did not cause danger to people or the environment but it disturbed the normal operation of the plant.

Workers at the plant noticed a discrepancy in the amount of material being reprocessed that enters pipes that lead to a set of centrifuges and the amount of material actually arriving at the centrifuges. They used remote cameras to find the crack where the material was escaping; over twenty tonnes have leaked into a steel lined chamber.

The material, consisting of mostly uranium and some plutonium dissolved in nitric acid, would have been reprocessed in the centrifuges. The large stainless steel chamber that now contains the spilled material is too dangerous to enter due to radioactivity, though it poses no danger to those inside or outside the plant.

The plant has been shut down pending repairs.

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Pop-artist James Rosenquist dies aged 83

Pop-artist James Rosenquist dies aged 83
By BbGFjuyG | Posted in Uncategorized

Monday, April 3, 2017

Well-known pop art figure James Rosenquist died on Friday, his family announced, in his New York City home after a long illness, at the age of 83.

Mr Rosenquist leaves behind a legacy of involvement in the pop art movement, playing a pivotal role in the movement’s conception in the 1960s. His career as a heyday pop-artist was defined by his billboard painting style which incorporated subject matter from popular culture and the mass media and created large scale artworks.

Although his works were rarely politically charged, his best-known work, the 1964/1965 F-111, used a combination of war imagery and everyday influences to protest US militarism in relation to the Vietnam War. It now resides in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

The 1960s pop art movement was defined by artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, contemporaries of Mr. Rosenquist. Although part of the same art movement, Rosenquist wrote in his 2009 autobiography, Painting Below Zero: Notes on a Life in Art, that he was less interested in “logos or brand names”, and more concerned with creating what he described as “mysterious pictures”.

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