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In case you just finished building your site and you are asking yourself what s the way to get ranked in search engines, how do I make my site work for me? It s all about adding the right words at the right time, and knowing the secrets that drive some attention from the search engines

Get to know your target customers the very basic thing in search engine optimization is to get know your costumers, by this I mean that all your site design should show that you are targeting a specific costumer. And for that reason you have to target all your design, content, and advertisements to that kind of potential client In case u didn t already researched for your targeted costumers, now is the time to do it, because in the next step we need to be already targeted and ready for our next mission

Use the right keywords/phrases for your targeted users finding the right keywords is not as simple as it sounds, that because most of them already taken by other sites that did the same steps of SEO. Choose them carefully and try to be specific and targeted as much as u can. When u finds them you should place them in the right fields and references within your web page. Like Title, META tags, Headers, etc


Submitting your site if you ask yourself where to submit your site, the answer is, everywhere you can! By this I mean: forums, community sites like myspace and facebook,search engines, ezine sites and etc

Exchange links one of the most important ways to get noticed by the search engines is to leave your mark wherever you can, incoming links are that mark try to find other relevant sites that are ranked good and try to convince their webmasters to exchange links with you. you can find some link exchange websites that let people who searching for link exchange to find each other. Try the term link exchange at Google

Advertising a good way for advertising is to pay some cash for ads, there are so many big websites who are selling ad space, that is a great way to get noticed by users, u should keep your ads clean and simple as possible and mostly Targeted. Write articles show people that you know what you re talking about, write articles targeted to your potential costumers, and spread them wherever you can, there is lot s of places were you can do it, ezines, blogs, forums and more Those are the most important first steps to get you on the road, your next step is to take time to research those issues and to get some ideas for implementing all the steps necessary for your goal.

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