Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For Homeowners On A Budget}

Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas For Homeowners On A Budget


Rock SandalThe kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where you cook food and enjoy your wonderful dishes with family and friends.Whether you have a kitchen you want to renovate or an outdated one you want to spice up, below are some kitchen wall decor ideas you can toy with:Shelving Using Reclaimed MaterialsYou don’t have to spend a ton of money to execute your kitchen wall decor ideas. If you want additional storage for your home and do not have the budget for new cabinets, don’t worry. Recycling and upcycling You can make use of reclaimed materials and add some elbow grease to the equation and you will have new shelves in no time.You can look for old wood panels and beams and repurpose. Spruce it up with new paint or give it a rugged look. Attach them to the wall and voila, you have new shelves for your kitchen.Wondering what you can do with an old door? Fix some hooks on its four corners and use some steel wires to attach them to the ceiling just on top of your kitchen counter. It can serve as an extra storage and you can even attach some lighting fixtures to improve lighting on your work area.Old Pipes As BookshelvesGet those cookbooks out of the drawers and cabinets. If you don’t have bookshelves in the kitchen, you can find old pipes and attach them to your kitchen wall. Just make sure you fix them a few inches off the wall so it has enough space to hold books and other reading materials.Vinyl StickersIf you have big, blank kitchen walls and you’re running out of kitchen wall decor ideas, do not torture yourself. Vinyl stickers, digital prints, and decals are perfect to convert that boring wall to an eyecatcher.You can personalize your kitchen wall using custom decals. You can even layer them to achieve a unique lookTV with Organic BordersDo you have an old TV you’re not using or do you think that TV on your kitchen counter is such an eyesore? Give it a fresh twist by hanging your TV on the wall using a regular mount then give the fixture an organic twist by surrounding that TV with some greens.You can buy those black pouches from your local hardware and surround that TV with a wall garden. A touch of green and your favorite TV series will surely make that wall far from being boring.Neutral or ColorfulCan’t decide what kitchen wall decor ideas are best for your kitchen just yet? That’s okay. For now, you can paint it to your liking.You can give it a splash of color to make that big wall the focal point of your kitchen. Make it stand out. Choose something that’s bold and daring. Think of colors you want while adding some spice to those dishes you regularly prepare or those cannot-say-no-to desserts you whip and bake in the kitchen.If other walls in your kitchen are busy enough, perhaps that one wall deserves to get a neutral color. Some sort of refuge for the eyes. Let that wall be the breather amid the busy kitchen and while you enjoy good food after a busy day.

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