What Makes Cashew Nuts So Special?}

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The well known kidney shaped nut, cashew has earned its reputation as a healthy snack and incorporated in many food dishes especially Asian cuisine and salads. It is popular in chocolates where it is missed with other dried fruits or solo in the chocolate bar. Cashew nuts have a nutty creamy flavor and by adding it to your diet you can lower your cholesterol. Some reasons why cashew nuts are so popular are listed below:

Cashew nut benefits- Cashew nuts are beneficial to your health and help:

Reduce heart related diseases and keep a healthy heart as cashew nuts have low fat content compared to other nuts in the oleic acid form which is known to be good for the heart.

Lowers high blood pressure as it contains magnesium.

Maintain your hair as copper is the mineral which helps give your hair color and since cashew nuts are rich in copper, it helps you get healthy hair.

Give you healthy bones because it has magnesium which is vital for healthy bones and good bone structure.

With good nerves since it is packed with magnesium which is present in the bones surface, it stops calcium from getting into the nerve cells and keeps the blood vessels and muscles relaxed.


Prevent gallstones by consuming it on a daily basis, thus lowering chances of getting gallstones.

Reduce weight as it is made up of good cholesterol even though it contains fats. Eating it a few times a week, in moderation can help you shed some weight.

Act as an anti-oxidant for various enzymes.

With digestion as cashew nuts improve growth and development also nucleic acid.

By supplying vitamin like riboflavin, thiamin and many others which prevent diseases such as pellagra and anemia.

Giving you healthy teeth and gums because it contains as mentioned before plenty of magnesium which is great for you gums and bones.

Prevent cancer as cashew nuts are rich copper and also contain a class of flavonols called proanthocyanidins which fight against tumor cells and stops it from diving further.

Types of cashew nuts- Cashew nuts are classified according to their grades such as:

White wholes

Scorched wholes

Dessert wholes


It comes in two forms mostly:

1. Raw cashew nuts or organic cashew nuts- which are in its natural form.

2. Roasted cashew nuts- which have been lightly toasted to a specific temperature, thus giving it a light golden brown color and crunchy texture. They are also salted.

Cashew nut nutrition:

Cashew nuts can be effortlessly added to your diet and to meals such as in vegetable stir-fry or chopped into pieces and spread over a fresh salad. You can now find cashew nuts in nutrition bars and also many edible chocolate products.

Now you know how cashew nuts are good for you and also what makes it stand out amongst other types of edible nuts. So dont hesitate to eat it and enjoy every crunch.To know more informations you can visit JoybyNature.

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